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Subject: WebHTTrack and HTTrack look great
Author: Doug Porter
Date: 03/15/2004 09:38
Thanks for creating WebHTTrack and HTTrack. It's the easiest to use site mirror
tool I've seen.

After installing on linux, the command "webhttrack" results in "could not find
/usr/local/share/httrack/html". I 
added a link to /usr/local/share/doc/httrack/html and it ran.

Some buttons don't work. They may require javascript. But many people won't
run javascript because of the 
security risks.

On my system webhttrack launches mozilla. How do I set up to use konqueror? Is
there a list of all the options 
that .httrackrc and /etc/httrack.conf accept?
This looks like a great package. I've been hoping somebody would do a good job
of this kind of software. Thanks!



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WebHTTrack and HTTrack look great

03/15/2004 09:38
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