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Subject: startup problem when already running mozilla
Author: fluidspace
Date: 03/26/2004 22:23
Thanks to all developers for this fast and reliable
mirroring tool. it simply makes life easier.

HTTrack usually works fine (SuSE 8.2, Mozilla 1.6).

when mozilla is already running and i try to start the
httrack gui, the webhttrack script tries to launch another
copy of mozilla. since the first mozilla uses my default
user profile, it cannot be accessed by the new instance.
starting the httrack server manually and typing in the local
uri seems just a bit complicated.

why doesn't the script simply start the server and open a
new window in the running mozilla pointed to the web gui? 
is this an error in the mozilla startup script?
another problem, though only a minor nuisance, is the server
shutting down after completing a mirror job instead of
allowing to do another one.

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startup problem when already running mozilla

03/26/2004 22:23


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