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Subject: Re: Head Vs head [was 3.31v Vs 3.30v]
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/02/2004 15:21
> Finally the parallel compare!!
>  I send the complete report either version.The external 
> boundaries is the same.Modem(nominal)connection speed 
> 42.6Kb/s, no other activities during download,same 
> site,first dwl with 3.30v second dwl whith 3.31v.If you 
> want you can repeat the test.

This is weird -- the same result using 3.32 (identical 
engine with 3.31) and DSL line gives good results. This is 
maybe related to some contention with this site using a and 
modem line - but definitely no major changes were 
introduced between 3.30 and 3.31, so I rellay don't 
understand this weirdness.

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Head Vs head [was 3.31v Vs 3.30v]

04/02/2004 03:56
Re: Head Vs head [was 3.31v Vs 3.30v]

04/02/2004 15:21


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