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Subject: lazy links
Author: moira
Date: 04/06/2004 23:22
Hello All,

HTTrack has been a great help to me, as I sometimes work in 
remote areas.

I have downloaded a web site and wish to use it where I 
will not have
Internet access.
 I disconnected from the Internet in order to check that I 
got all the pages
I wanted.
 Oddly, each link works sometimes, and not others.
In other words,  for hotlinks to other pages within the 
site, when offline, I get the
"page cannot be displayed" or "the page you requested is 
not available off
line" message,
 BUT! if I keep trying all the links, they will eventually 
work (while offline), then not
work a minute later, then work again.
I wonder what I am doing wrong, and if it can be corrected?Comments would be

Thanks much


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04/06/2004 23:22
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