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Subject: Re: Redirecs getting redownloaded many times
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/07/2004 21:35
> I'm doing regular downloads of, and I notice a
> disturbing effect:  When a page has moved, the 302 headers
> may get downloaded many times without the page itself ever
> appearing.

This is a big issue that I wanted to fix one day - I 
finished to code it, but it requires some testing :)
The problem is simple: files such as /foo require an 
additional test, and tests are not immediately taken in 
account. In a "redirect loop", intermediate states are not 
saved, leading to new requests if the link is seen again.
I added a cache for all these states, and test requests 
should not be done twice anymore - please give you feedback 
about this new release.

> 4722 <> 302

This shouldn't happend anymore - I hope.

> Shouldn't it be recorded somehow that the redirects have
> been followed?
Yep :)
(See beta-2 currently available)

> P.S. I find it amusing that the first line says 
> 'HTTrack launched at <site>'.  Sounds like a cruise 
> or something:)

Well, as long as it doesn't crash, everything is fine :)
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Redirecs getting redownloaded many times

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Re: Redirecs getting redownloaded many times

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