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Subject: "start-url referrer" and scripting
Author: Krutz
Date: 04/10/2004 15:25
Hello Xavier,

first of all, thank you very much for your great tool! i tried several offline
readers, all others are inferior to yours. with that many options, the user
and his knowledge (or fantasy) is the limiting factor here ;-)
there arent many tools out there that professional, and even under the GPL?

i´m trying to mirror/download a site which checks the referrer id. as i read,
you plan to add a feature to define the referrer for the starting page in a
future version.
is it possible to set it with commandline scripting? or would that change the
referrer for the "deeper" pages as well?since i´m not that familiar with
(sh-) scripting yet, i ask before i start learning it (dont want to get
confused with my little perl knowledge if starting regular shell now.. *s*)

is there a newsletter for httrack btw?
thanks again,


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