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Subject: * * HTTrack 3.32 released!
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/10/2004 16:50
This is actually a "hotfixed" 3.31 version, which fixes 
major flaws from the previous release. If you installed the 
3.31 release, please upgrade to 3.32.

List of fixes and additions:
+ Fixed: css and js files were not parsed!
+ Fixed: again broken file:// (infinite loops with local 
+ Fixed: Bandwidth limiter more gentle with low transfer 
+ Fixed: external wrappers were not called during 
+ New: additional callback examples
+ Fixed: overflow in unzip.c fixed
+ New: tests are now cached for better performances!
+ New: %r (protocol) option for user-defined structure

Download your updated version here:

Please report errors or problems with this new release, 

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* * HTTrack 3.32 released!

04/10/2004 16:50


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