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Subject: Re: Filter to modify URLs
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/11/2004 18:28
> what I want to know is, if it there is a plan to add a
> filter method to modify URLs by an given filter (for 
> a regex expression).

This is not possible directly, but if you have some 
programming skills, you can try to use the "base href" hack 
given as example (see callbacks-example-baselinks.c) to 
acheive this:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/share/httrack/libtest/ httrack \
om/index.php' \
    '-*' '*' \
    --wrapper check-html=libbaselinks:process_file \
    --wrapper 'link-
org/web/20030124012739/' \
    --sockets=1 --max-rate=5000 --robots=0

But, again, this is not a simple method, and it requires 
some scripting/programming knownledge.

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