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Subject: avoid redownload of "externally" added files
Author: Michael
Date: 04/12/2004 21:14
suppose i have a partial copy of a site on my hd done via
httrack. suppose i have some other files from that websites
downloaded with some other program. now suppose i want to
integrate those files into the project's dir, so the next
time i run httrack i will not fetch those files as they are
already  exisiting locally.

either files get deleted (even though i used -X0) or the
cache is not updated. i think the files get deleted because
httrack wants to fetch them again. i used -C0 once, and it
did seem to do the trick (although i am not quite sure), but
the cache will not be updated then, right?
any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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avoid redownload of "externally" added files

04/12/2004 21:14
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04/15/2004 22:35


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