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Subject: running httrack from winhttrack configuration
Author: Eric
Date: 04/16/2004 16:17
Now that I've reached my goal with winhttrack, I would like 
to do it automaticaly with httrack.
In hts-log.txt or doit.log files I can easyly find the 
parameters corresponding to my winprofile.ini configuration.

I can run httrack with these parameters within a bash 
script (I use Cygwin). But I must keep this up to date with 
my winprofile.ini configuration as I make a few changes in 

How can I use directly my winprofile.ini file to run 
httrack ?Does httrack for windows support .httrackrc ? It doesn't 
seems to. Could my winprofile.ini file be renamed 
in .httrackrc ? is it the same syntax ?
Did I missed an option in httrack to run with a 
configuration file as a parameter ?

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running httrack from winhttrack configuration

04/16/2004 16:17
Re: running httrack from winhttrack configuration

04/17/2004 17:26


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