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Subject: Log file and Update
Author: johnnip
Date: 03/04/2001 03:30
Would anyone help me with the followings? Thanks

1. Log file - Can I have a log file showing the URLs of all downloaded files?
Currently I used the "Normal" setting. Can the "extended"
setting do the work? Anyway, I wish to have a log file which is as detailed as
possible. How can I achieve that? This is very critical to me because I have
to cite my sources. 

2. Updates of sites - In the option menu, there is a box called "Don't
purge the old files". which is checked by me. Here is the problem: the
first page of the site is regularly updated by the webmaster and it is named
"index.html" (to avoid confusion with the index file created by
httrack, I will call it "A.html") Before I update the site, I
suppose the old "A.html" will be kept and somehow renamed. However,
the newly downloaded "A.html" simply replaced the previously
downloaded "A.html". What can I do? This is really important to me.


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03/04/2001 03:30
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