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Subject: Protect emails by hiding them
Author: Jean-Marc Molina
Date: 04/21/2004 10:55

« Note: emails are protected against 'email grabbers' and
accesses are logged for security reasons »

I think a better solution would be to hide our emails from
spammers and grabbers. It seems you convert an email from to « no at mail spam dot com » but I'm sure some
grabbers are clever enough to find these « so common »
patterns. That's why I would never post a message using my
email. Why should I anyway ? People don't have to know my
mail. An other solution would be to create accounts for your
users. This way you would be able to track our messages
using our accounts. It would protect us from spammers and
build a community of HTTrack users.


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Protect emails by hiding them

04/21/2004 10:55
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