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Subject: Program crashes
Author: SmilyCancer
Date: 04/21/2004 15:14
I´ve been using an older version (i think it was 3.23?) and 
tried to copy without success, no sites, 
no log file, no error files. I´ve tried it with the 3.32 
which resulted in a crash:(HTTrack 3.32.00 closed at '.
\InsertUrl.cpp', line 165
assert failed: 0 )
Afterwards this one,2 other Error Messages appeared,
resulting in the shutdown of the Program.
Finally, i used the 3.30 Version and everything worked 
properly. I´m running a Acer Travelmate 230 with a 1,3 
GigHerz Celeron, WinXP and i´m using a W-Lan Broadband 

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