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Subject: Overwriting Files with Error-Messages (3.31)
Author: Reinhard K.
Date: 04/21/2004 18:27

today I had a very annoying and time consuming experience
with HTTRACK (which is otherwise a really great piece of

I am trying to keep a mirror of a site with lots of large
pdf-files, I do updates about once per month.

Yesterday and today I again updated my copy, yet the server
responded hundreds of times with a html-file saying
'(503) Service not available' instead of the info on the
pdf-file. Since I do already have most of these files no
download was neccessary.

Yet HTTRACK wrote these error messages over the already
existing pdf-files, leaving mit with hundreds of small files
named .pdf, but with html-content.

After I got aware of this it took me 2 to 3 hours to locate
all these files and to undelete the real pdf documents.

All this happened with 3.31 under Windows 98SE.
Then I got aware of 3.32, updated, and 3.32 seems to avoid 
this and to preserve the original files.

Yet I got some pdf-files containing html-text saying
(404) File not found. Also this should not be written
into the mirrored structure. (I am not shure if this
is gone with 3.32)

Another not so nice fact is that under Windows the log
file can not be read while the transfer is running. So
there is only the amount of errors, yet no information
about them. It would be helpfull to have a list of errors
while the transfer is in progress, so one could react,
e.g. stop to prevent further damage.

It also seems there is no error-log created when the
transfer is cancelled by the user.

Tomorrow I will try again (with 3.32) and tell what

Reinhard K.

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Overwriting Files with Error-Messages (3.31)

04/21/2004 18:27
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