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Subject: transfer rate and others
Author: ed carter
Date: 04/21/2004 23:52
I have been trying to mirror a particular website but not 
with much success. Although I have set the transfer rate 
in the options at 4KiB/s the transfer rate takes off on 
its own and runs anywhere at all, I have seen it run as 
high as 70KiB/s. Now when ever the transfer rate runs 
higher than 5KiB/s the file (.jpg) fails to download and I 
get an error message that says permission denied. Now I 
know that is crazy but that is what happens. I have tried 
other offline browsers (shareware)in a trial period and 
they run well above 5KiB/s and the files will download so 
it seems the problem is not related to speed alone. I 
prefer to use HTTrack though because it is free and is 
much more configurable. I am using HTTrack 3.32, Win XP 
Prof and DSL. There must be some way to solve this.  

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transfer rate and others

04/21/2004 23:52
Re: transfer rate and others

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