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Subject: Customisation of Httrack
Author: Henk
Date: 04/30/2004 03:43
Hi guys! This is a great product which is solving my 
problem of putting my entire dynamic website onto CD ROM.  
Is it possible for ur live website to automatically run 
this programme on our server each time someone makes an 
update via a dynamic page  and make the server update only 
that paticular page's html version?  Could one also save on 
processing time and searching of the cache by integrating 
our database with Httrack so that the particular database 
entry of our content has a particular file name assigned to 
it which Httrack will immediately target and update upon 
submission of the form from our dynamic admin section?Thanks!

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02/11/2004 06:38
Customisation of Httrack

04/30/2004 03:43


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