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Subject: BUG FOUND: 'load options' overwrite 'Web addresses
Author: Joe Gennaro
Date: 04/30/2004 21:46
'load options' overwrite 'Web addresses: (URL)'

Using version 3.30

I found this while making a URL list as in a few threads 
below this one. It is not directly related but I'll tell 
you how I found it.

I set up a scan in 'load options' to grab a list of URLs. 
when I hit save options I still had in 
my 'Web addresses: (URL)' list. And the scan worked.

Then I went to do I put the address in 
and then hit 'load options' for scan.opt. When I did this 
it overwrote with

Since the actual web addresses were much longer it took me 
awhile to figure out why I put in my 2nd search and got 
results from the first in my web capture.

The workaround is load your options first then put in the 
website list, but this is not intuitive because the 
address list is above the options.

Not sure if it does this with the 'URL list (.txt)' but I 
have to do that next. OK same problem here too.

Also for more info, if you have no website or URL list 
(.txt) when you 'save options' when you 'load options' 
later it will essentially overwtite your 2 fields with 
nothing (essentially erases it.) This would probably pisss 
someone off who made a 100 link long web list.

Take care,

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BUG FOUND: 'load options' overwrite 'Web addresses

04/30/2004 21:46
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