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Subject: Logical mistake?
Author: Sl
Date: 05/02/2004 19:36
There is a site.

The structure is following

Top : -> contains many links to books. Books
are in files like

I want do download a part of site. Only books.
I give as start URL for WinHTTrack this one :

Than i select in "set options" for this project :

Limits/Maximum mirroring depth = 1 (because I want only
documents one step inside beginning from start page )

Limits/Maximum external depth = 0 (I do not need anythig
from upper level to my beginning point)

Than I start the project.
Instead of just download the page that I defined as start
point for download and the structure down by links from this
starting page, WinHTTrack dounloads start page and starts
downloading top of website
After some hours of downloading forum (wich I evidently do
not need) I had to stop it. 

I did something wrong?

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Logical mistake?

05/02/2004 19:36
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