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Subject: problem with zip and tar.bz2
Author: D_A
Date: 05/06/2004 17:01
I posted a message about the pdf files which were not
downloaded because of a php script sending a page with a
meta refresh or a page with the filename as a variable.

Being curious, I did some testing with WinHTTrack Website
Copier 3.32 (+swf) and tried to download pages with .zip,
.pdf, .anystring.pdf and .tar.bz2 files.
If I have +*.zip in the scan rules, httrack tries to
download external zip files (option is not ticked, I didn't
try with images).
However, no problem when the php script redirects to the
actual page if hide the query string is ticked, except with
.tar.bz2 files :
in any case, even with a direct link, the file is renamed
Strange, isn't it?Best regards

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problem with zip and tar.bz2

05/06/2004 17:01
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05/07/2004 19:09


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