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Subject: 64 bit fixes
Author: Russ Reese
Date: 05/11/2004 17:48
I saw the ChangeLog for 3.32-2, which mentions fixes in the
engine for 64 bit archs. What fixes specifically?
I'm running into a problem running httrack on a ultrasparc
IIi machine running Solaris, after the crawler runs for a
few days, it just locks up. truss -p [pid] shows it sleeping
at lwp_sema_wait or lwp_cond_wait.

If I kill -HUP it, (cause it to fork), it resumes normally.
Of course since the signal isn't reattached after the HUP,
another HUP causes it to terminate.

Is this perhaps one of the fixes? And if not, is there
something perhaps I can do to prevent this? Thanks.

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64 bit fixes

05/11/2004 17:48
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