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Subject: Re: Localising HTTrack into Tamil (UTF-8)
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/12/2004 21:20
> Hi, I am trying to localise HTTrack into my native 
> Tamil. Followed the example ... and got the Tamil.txt 
> and modified the lang.def file. But unfortunately, the
> programme doesn't seem to recognise UTF-8 encoding below 

Err, on Windows, you must encode the strings into the 
corresponding CP-XXX windows charset (maybe Windows-
57004 ??) or it won't work. (It will probably wotk with 
WebHTTrack, however, on Linux) Then, change the charset in 
the language file into WINDOWS-NNN (the NNNstands for the 
codepage). I am not sure of the exact codepage, however ..

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