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Subject: * * International Internet Preservation Consortium
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/12/2004 21:26
A new international consortium is born, devoted to help web 
preservation projects around the world. As httrack is 
sometimes used as complementary tool for such projects, I 
pass the announcement in the list: 

[ Announcement from the web-archive ]

In acknowledgement of the importance of international 
collaboration for preserving internet content for future 
generations, the International Internet Preservation 
Consortium was formed in 2003.

Led by the Bibliotheque nationale de France, the Consortium 
also comprises National libraries of Australia, Canada, 
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, United 
Kingdom ,The Library of Congress (USA) and the Internet 

The Consortium has identified a number of key objectives 
which inform and shape its work. These include:

- collaborative working, within each country's legislative 
framework, to identify, develop and facilitate 
implementation of solutions for selecting, collecting, 
preserving and providing access to internet content;
- facilitating international coverage of internet content 
archive collections within national legal frameworks and in 
accordance with individual national collection development 
- international advocacy for initiatives that encourage the 
collection, preservation and access to internet content.

To achieve these objectives, the Consortium will:

- provide a forum for sharing knowledge about internet 
content archiving both within the Consortium and beyond;
- develop and recommend standards;
- develop interoperable tools and techniques to acquire, 
archive and provide access to web sites;
- raise awareness of internet preservation issues and 
initiatives through conferences, workshops, training 
events, publications, etc.

The detailed work of the Consortium will be carried out 
through working groups to define Policy, Requirements, 
Methods, Standards and Tools for Internet archiving. By 
this means projects will be developed and defined and will 
ultimately lead to the creation and provision of the 
necessary tools to fulfil the vision of universal coverage 
of internet archive collections.

More information can be found on the IIPC website: 

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