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Subject: Link Check and URL List
Author: rob
Date: 05/13/2004 03:38
Can HTTrack be used to generate a list of URL's reachable 
from a starting page? I'd use this list to compare to a 
file system listing to find possibly orphaned files. I've 
tried using the mnoGoSearch search engine, but it can't do 
https and extracts URLs from every file in the file system  
when using an alias, not just files reachable from a 
starting page. I hacked together a site indexer in Perl, 
but haven't been able to make it talk https either, and 
it's no where near as robust as HTTrack. How can I get a 
list of URL's found from HTTrack? While we are at it, how 
do you use HTTrack to check URLs? That is, where is the 
list of good/bad links written to?

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05/13/2004 03:38


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