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Subject: Failed in mirroring the Sybase Product online book
Author: Seaman
Date: 05/16/2004 10:20
Could someone teach me how to download an online book of 
Sybase Product Manuals
at <> ?
The pdf version of the [DataWindow Programmer's Guide] 
manual only has size of 2MB, 
but I downloaded its HTML version of online book for 12 
hours until it stopped at 
the error of:
  Too many URLs, giving up..(>100000)

The incomplete mirror I got has more than 9000 files and 
2000 directories with 120MB 
of size.  Most of the directories are named ";pt=dddd" 
(dddd stands for various numbers 
of digits) and only have a single file named "_.html".

I used all the settings with default, did not add any 
filter.  I supposed I might run 
into a loop or something.

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Failed in mirroring the Sybase Product online book

05/16/2004 10:20


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