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Subject: Re: closing httrack
Author: tomin
Date: 05/20/2004 23:30
X.R.: What do you mean ?
... im trying to reopen the httrack project

X.R.: Did you try to double click on
X.R.: the whtt file and it did not open ?
..yes ! :) is opening but after 3 second is closing self i 
dont know why :(

X.R.: Did you try to launch WInHTTrack
X.R.: and select "Load.." ?
... no httrack closing self on startup

X.R.: Is the program suddenly closing
or with an error message ?
... now is closing self whits no error message, with no any 
errors :(

Im using WinXP-Prof.&SP1 maybe is this problem ?
please help becouse is still not opening ..

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