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Subject: [re:2] whtt is not opening (back-sorry)
Author: tomin
Date: 06/01/2004 08:15
XR: Err, it closes before you click on "next" buttons 
XR: and "finish" to start the mirror ?
no no, when im trying to open *.whtt (in my computer: 
moneyP01.whtt) , its opening and closing self.

XR: This is a very strange behaviour - can you try to open 
XR :a new project by starting winhttrak and see if the same 
XR: problem occurs ?
i think; the problem is whit "many links" i have a lots of 
links in project (above 400 links) this is downloading over 
24 hours but when i closing this after downloading is 
everything ok, but when i trying to re-open is closing on 
the startup. Like i afore-said, is closing when YTou click 
WHTT. (and when You open in HT.exe to). in both accident is 
this same situation.

still is not opening. :(


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[re:2] whtt is not opening (back-sorry)

06/01/2004 08:15
Re: [re:2] whtt is not opening (back-sorry)

06/04/2004 12:12


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