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Subject: Grabbing several projects at a time
Author: Aaron Thoma
Date: 06/01/2004 19:41
Hi. First thanks for the great program!

I am using WinHTTrack (latest version 3.32-2 (+swf)).

I suggest a hierarchical system of project entries, similar 
to some application installers:

[ ] All projects
   [ ] Projects not assigned to a category
      [ ] SomeProject1
         [ ] <http://some.address1>
   [ ] All project categories
      [ ] SomeCategory1
         [ ] SomeSubCategory1
            [ ] SomeSubCategory2
               [ ] SomeProject2
                  [ ] <http://some.address2>
                  [ ] <http://some.address3>

Clicking a checkbox in front of an entry containing 
sub-entries switches between the three states
[x] all sub-entries checked
[ ] all sub-entries unchecked
[*] configuration before clicking super-entry (maybe some 
checked, some unchecked)
Autoremembering the checked-configuration would be nice, 

Optionally, entries containing sub-entries could be 
expandable. Then it would also be nice to autoremember this 
aspect's last configuration.

If that is too much work or you don't consider it 
reasonable, please include a feature to refresh all projects 
- I don't expect it to be much work but I'm sure it would be 
very useful for many users.

With warmest regards,
Aaron Thoma

P.S.: A similar topic was started last year but not taken to 
the end (I don't consider the 
shellscript-under-cygwin-solution really user-friendly): 

P.P.S.: Two other small suggestions:
1.) Skip the welcome page for efficiency. Optionally 
integrate the welcome message onto the next page (where one 
chooses the project[s in the future?] to download.

2.) An option "Set default settings..." in the menu 

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