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Subject: Re: Linking Error
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/09/2001 19:24
> What is HTS_ANALYSTE used for? It seems when this is 
> set to 0 compilation is successful and is set to 1 
> get a linking error.

The commandline version should be:
#define HTS_PLATFORM 1

HTS_ANALYSTE is useful to wrap many things, including 
parsing, saving of files, link detection, stats and so 
on.. When defined, the engine will not generate any 
main() function, but instead a hts_main() function.
Look at the linux version, and especially 
httrack.c/httrack.h files, which is the main routine : 
you'll see how things works:

- initialize the engine
- add wrappers (if necessary)
- call hts_main()

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