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Subject: WinHTTrack Freezes/Hangs
Author: Thomas
Date: 06/04/2004 11:42
I am trying to mirror a large site that has many images 
(30000+) and so far I've downloaded 2.66GB. 48894 files 
have been written, but there are still over 10000 more 
links to be scanned. However I've no active connections- 
the program just says it is "In progress: Purging Files" 
and is scanning a directory and ready for an image. 
Pausing/unpausing does nothing. When I click cancel it 
doesn't cancel, and the time it has took has stopped 
elapsing. I've closed it down and tried updating the 
existing download a few times to no avail. It just seems to 
get stuck at the 2.66GB point on the same image. Strangely 
though, the image has been written to my harddrive- and the 
site seems to function well. But as not all the links have 
been scanned I'm unsure I've got a complete mirror.

If anyone knows why I'm experiencing this problem or knows 
how to solve it- I'd much appreciate it!

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WinHTTrack Freezes/Hangs

06/04/2004 11:42
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