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Subject: Error in HTTrack Interface Strings ?
Author: Bharat
Date: 06/16/2004 08:03
    	I was translating the httrack strings into Indian/Hindi 
when I came across a doubt as shown below...
 cgi-bin\r\nWill find links with folder name matching whole 
'cgi-bin' string (but not cgi-bin-2, for example)
	How is this possible ? Surely the regular expression should 
match both folders, as both the folder names have "cgi-bin" 
present in them. Could this be an error ? If not,then surely 
the below expression should not match or
someweb\r\nWill find links with matching folder sub-string 
such as,, private.someweb.otherweb.
com etc.
	Please bear with me if I am wrong, but if I am correct, 
please correct the above strings in httrack's next version.

Bharat M.

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Error in HTTrack Interface Strings ?

06/16/2004 08:03
Re: Error in HTTrack Interface Strings ?

06/16/2004 19:24


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