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Subject: Re: zonealarm incompatibility issues?
Author: some_cs_student
Date: 06/22/2004 05:10
Ok I closed winhttrack this time and then clicked restart
the true vector internet monitor worked ok.

Zone alarm: 4.5.594 (note not using latest zone alarm
because it blocks all NAT requests and I can't stop it!).

Previously failed..

This issue has only occured when mirroring this site:
(no password/username required).

This page contains a huge number of ppt slides (about 30+)
so 15meg or so of stuff to mirror.

Previously the computer sort of locked up for a while (twice
) before being able to mirror it.

Other programs that use the internet are the folding at home
client version 4.0


Any ideas?
Gareth (maybe try reproducing the error?).

Note: other sites have being ok, program looks amazing (I
remember when it first started :), one day I'll take a look
at the code..).
ADSL internet connection (256/128k), no proxy (well its an
invisible proxy, we don't have to configure for it, its done

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