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Subject: error 404 browsing mirrored site...
Author: Peter Yohe
Date: 06/22/2004 19:57
Cancer Cell International ( 
is an example of a web site from the BioMed Central we are 
trying to mirror. The result is browsable as a share 
\\<machinename>\mirroredSite\browse.html, but not as 
through IIS 5.0 as a website: 

The BioMed Central journals all have this problem. Other 
sites we mirror do not.

Changing the file name from browse.html to index.htm(l) or 
default.htm(l) or bob.htm(l) does not work.

IIS settings seem to be okay.
NTFS permissions on on the files and folders for these 
mirrors are no different than any other mirrored site.

So, I am at a loss as to what to do and was wondering if 
anyone could take a look at some of the BioMed Central 
material and see if they have a similar problem with it 
after mirroring it.

Thank you!

Peter Yohe
The WiderNet Project

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06/22/2004 19:57
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