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Subject: Httrack useable for automatc log-in?
Author: Baard Ove Kopperud
Date: 06/23/2004 01:51
First let me appoligize for bugging you all with this 
(I should probably have read the manual), but I just 
"discovered" this program.   
I can see it'll be useful for me no matter what, but  
I'm currently struggeling with a problem, and would  
like to know if you think Httrack and/or it's library  
could be used to solve it... and if it can, suggestions 
about how. 
I (like many, I'm sure) have signed on various free 
services on the web (mail-box, web-hotels, mail-lists,...). 
Unfortunately, I sometimes forget about them, and then 
later return to find my account suspended or deleted. 
What I very much would like to make, is a script that 
parsed a file containing URLs, usernames/e-mail addresses 
and passwords.  It should log into each account, wait and 
then sign out.  The script would have to handle secure- 
layer and cookies.  I intend to let the script be run 
periodically (e.g. once a week). 
Httrack -- or at least the GUI -- is obviously unsuatable 
for this purpose, but I thought perhaps the library could 
be suitable... 
Do you think Httrack or the lib may be used?  How? 

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Httrack useable for automatc log-in?

06/23/2004 01:51
Re: Httrack useable for automatc log-in?

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