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Subject: Mirror copying- please help.
Author: mike
Date: 06/28/2004 00:26
Hi All,

I once had the older version of httrack and was sure I 
could copy a site and whilst downloading the site, I could 
also replace all the links to a new url website.- I have 
been told by xavier on a previuos post that this fuction 
was never available on any version, so I gather I must of 
been dreaming it, but I am sure it did ? 

Does any one know of software to grab a website and have a 
function to replace all the urls at the same time,  (Yes, I 
know I could do this manually but it it's so time consuming 
and would take hours to do for a large site.)

Any one know of advanced software like this as it would be 
very popular , but I am sure I have seen it somewhere ??
I need a website grabber to do a mirror, of course I will 
only mirror my own website not any one elses of course.

Any one got any comments to make ?
Thanks all,


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Mirror copying- please help.

06/28/2004 00:26


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