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Subject: Copy N York Times
Author: studiant
Date: 07/04/2004 18:05
         Hello everybody!

I'm a student. I have to study the New York Times website, 
section multimedia. I have tried for hours and hours but 
didn't get it. In fact I want to record the slide shows, 
multimedia features... In order that I put the login and 
password in the fields and captured the URL. Sometimes I 
get, after having changed the proxy data, the page telling 
me that htttrack has captured the form. But the catpture 
gives nothing. Other times I don't even get that hhtrack 
page. So in which order do I have to complete the data: get 
URL, change proxy data, submit, coming back to httrack, 
capture...?Or, simply, does NY Times make unable the capture?Please, could you
help me? 
Thanks a lot.

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