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Subject: Re: Limit connections-per-MINUTE not per second
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/05/2004 14:18
> Currently HTTRACK can limit website hitting to MINIMUM 1
> conection per minute, but this is too fast for some 
> It would be great that option is changed (or new one 
> that allows to set connections-per-minute limit rather 
> -per-second.

Humm, this request has been in the TOOD list for a very 
long time - I have reranked it, and will probably integrate 
it "soon"

> I could not manage to find this in source code... Can
> somebody help?
The current limiter is extremly idiotic, and only makes 
sleep's between connect() calls. I will use a connection 
throttler based on realtime estimation soon to limit the 
number of connections.

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