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Subject: Re: libhttrack.lib
Author: Harold
Date: 07/05/2004 14:56

Thanks. I have just succeeded in building httracklib.dll and
.lib (some difficulty) without IPV6.

I think it would be helpful if you did include everything
needed to use httracklib.dll in one package: zdll.lib,
zlib1.dll, zlib.h, httracklib.lib, and all the necessary
header files. I suggest that you make that a separate download.

By the way, after defining HTS_INET6=0, I had to change one
file: htsbasenet.h line 44: #include <winsock.h> to
<winsock2.h> because winsock.h does not include a definition
for SD_SEND.
SD_SEND is required for htsserver.c.

Thanks again,
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