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Subject: Deleting weird characters from links
Author: Joe Forster/STA
Date: 07/13/2004 17:08
Hi Xavier,

Please, try to download <> with HTTrack (I'm 
using WinHTTrack 3.32-2 at the moment). You will see that 
many subpages are not downloaded.

E.g. go to <>, click on 
"Description" and you will get to <http://xoro>.
com/product/ . However, if you have a look 
at the page source, you will find leading and trailing 
spaces and, get a grip, "&#xD;" and "&#xA;" codes (CR and LF 
characters_ in the links! HTTrack is too nice and tries to 
_really_ download pages with those names... ;-)

ARGH, what a bunch of idiots made that site! Still, it would 
be nice if HTTrack could fix such stupid links 
automatically. Thanks,


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Deleting weird characters from links

07/13/2004 17:08
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