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Subject: Re: CGI download #2
Author: Win-HTTrack-Fan-1
Date: 07/14/2004 11:54
If you want links available off-line
We need to alter the filter

Try downloading "all sites in page (multiple Mirror)": 
 1. Put 2 desired URLs in Web Addresses for project
  2. Option>>Scan Rules to include your domain's events

 3. Option>>Limits>>mirror depth = 1 internal ONLY 

This should download all calendar events
(I'm excluding non-events because they link to themselves) 
(In a link follower, that can lead to infinite loops) 
This will still lead to downloading a LOT of pages
 (I think 10 pages more than the # of events) 
 (I am erroring on the side of downloading less, here)  
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