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Subject: Re: HT Track cant open all pqges offline
Author: Win-HTTrack-Fan-1
Date: 07/18/2004 10:18
What was the page you could view like? 
 Did it have local links or was everything external? 
Are you sure you're browsing the off-line site?When browsing off-line was the
URL of the form: 
 (Example :=  HTTrack download directory) 
 (index.html := main page you told httrack to download) 

If so, find size of directory you downloaded it to.  
  (In windows, My Computer>>click to HTTrack directory)
    (Right click HTTrack directory and get properties) 
Is it about the right size, in total Mb and # of files?If not, 1st make sure
it's the right directory
  If so: HTTrack didn't download it right. 

If something isn't downloaded,  it's usually because: 
 1. Main link page was not in project Web-addresses
      or URLs in non-standard syntax or format
 2. the Option>>Limits>>mirror depth didn't go far enough 
    OR settings don't match site bandwith/robot limts
      set Option>>: 
       Limit>>Maximum transfer rate 10 KB/s   
       Spider>> "1 connection" and "Do Not Follow" 
       Browser ID>> IE 5        
 3. the Option>>Scan Rules filter settings didn't allow it
      if it's non-html set:  
       Option>>Link>>Get non-html files related to a link
         and check Option>>MIME settings for files
 4. absolute links embeded in: 
 5. used catch-url/proxy wrong on passworded site
 6. lost write access to drive (due to space or network)
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HT Track cant open all pqges offline

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Re: HT Track cant open all pqges offline

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