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Subject: sites where individual html pages are generated
Author: kim
Date: 07/20/2004 01:04
How to download a "deep" site where html pages are generated
on demand?
This site uses *.ASP to generate the individual pages.

There are teensy tiny thumbnails that are ok for others to
navigate, but are too small for me to see.

Clicking on each thumbnail brings up the big picture,
so __in theory__ I could retrieve all the info,
but __in practice__ I would have to click on at least 1,300
thumbnails in order to view all the pictures.

That is a lot of clicking :-) and many opportunities to make
mistakes and miss pictures.

Tried using httrack to download the site.
It downloads the html and the tiny *.jpg thumbnails.
But none of the big *.jpg that are only accessible when you
click a thumbnail.

Would like someway of telling HTTrack
   emulate a click on EVERY thumbnail *.jpg on the page.
   save each of the pages that result, as an individual page
with its own graphics file and html.

Ignore all the links with text labels.  Just click the


I scanned the forum (maybe not everything, there is a LOT
present) and reviewed the command line options, and the
httrack *.sh shell scripts
but did not see any way to do this

Thank you again for your help and HUGE amount of efforts


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sites where individual html pages are generated

07/20/2004 01:04
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