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Subject: Re: I am so grateful to you...
Author: Win-HTTrack-Fan-1
Date: 07/25/2004 11:42
As the name I choose to use may imply, I agree whole-
heartedly with your sentiments.  HTTrack is an amazingly 
versatile  tool.  The concept is so easy to understand and 
the implementation so intuitive (at least for those 
familiar with programming or file systems)  Trying to save 
parts of the web for offline viewing without HTTrack is 
like trying to manage files without being able to select 
multiple files (or use wild cards in text based file 
management).  HTTrack frees the user from the repetitive 
drudgery of downloading each link manually.  It's like an 
automated browser that follows links and downloads based on 
user supplied rules.  It's like a flexible Auto Pilot for 
web browsing and downloading.  HTTrack begins to fulfill 
the promise of computers for the Web,  to free Mankind from 
tasks that do not require imagination or ingenuity.  There 
is most certainly room for improvement, as there is with 
all human endeavors, but HTTrack is a giant leap forward in 
knowledge retieval and storage.  HTTrack & Xavier deserve 
far more accolades than have been recieved.  Thank You 
Xavier for the service you have provided to benefit 
humanity.  I wish you all the best and hope you gain the 
noteriety you so richly deserve.  
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