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Subject: Re: Site with java applet
Author: Zalman (Solly) Zitron
Date: 07/29/2004 15:01
Thanks again!
I had tried that before trying HTTrack, and it had not 
worked, and HTTrack did not work either, so I wisely wrote 
for help on your forum. 

And so I tried again after reading your kind response. This 
time it worked! The post-mortem revealed that the first time 
I had saved it as Spirograph.htm and this time as 

If you liked that applet you will go gaga over
and then saving their 1024x768 version 
which combines a spirograph applet with a harmonograph 
applet. This was originally investigated in the nineteenth 
century by Nathaniel Bowditch in 1815 (Updated editions of 
his navigation textbook are still in print and use!) and 
later they were studied in more detail (independently) by 
Jules-Antoine Lissajous in 1857, after whom some of these 
curves are named. All without the use of computers, only 

I obtained this site from from another good site 

You might also enjoy Anu Garg's

I am busy working through several other similar sites, and 
if you are interested can pass them on to you.

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