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Subject: Make HTTrack leave relative links alone?
Author: Keith
Date: 07/29/2004 17:12
I built a web application that uses a few JSP pages to read
data from a database and output hundreds of static HTML
pages.  My client wants me to package and deliver the HTML
pages, which are easier for them to deploy than the JSP.

The problem:  My client wants to deploy the HTML pages on
multiple servers with different domains.  The pages
reference external assets that are not part of my package --
they live on whatever server the pages are deployed on.  So
I can't use absolute paths. 

My JSP pages output HTML with relative links, but HTTrack
keeps changing them to absolute links -- or worse.  For
example, my JSP outputs this, which is what I want:

<img src="/eb/thumb?id=1159">

Without any filters, HTTrack converts it to this:

<img src="thumb9e62.html?id=1159">

If I use the filter -*/*eb/thumb*, HTTrack spits out this:

<img src=

How can I tell HTTrack to just leave these relative links
alone?  (BTW, I don't use any <base> tags.)

Thanks in advance.


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07/29/2004 17:12
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