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Subject: search-index concatenated word bug
Author: Imam Hoque
Date: 08/03/2004 12:57

I have been using the search-index option to produce a word 
index and have found an unusual problem. Certain words 
appear concatenated, e.g.

weekdoing - is picked up and counted, when you look at the 
source of the web page you find:

<option value="3897361.html">Faces of the 
week</option><option value="3899597.html">Doing the 

It seems to always happen when you hit the <option> and 
</option> tag.  If you put a space in after the "week" it 
fixes the problem. 

Is there a quick fix to this - has anyone else experienced 
it on 3.32-2?


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search-index concatenated word bug

08/03/2004 12:57


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