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Subject: Index page links not working???
Author: Kris
Date: 08/05/2004 00:52
I just downloaded this program HTTrack and ran it on a 
website I wanted to browse offline.  Everything ran 
smoothly, I used most default settings except for maybe the 
download speed.  After the download finished I ran the 
webpage, got the Index page up and when I press links on it 
nothing happines.  IE shows that they are linked to my web 
page folder and they look ok but nothing happines when I 
press the links on the Index page.  I can get the links up 
if I go to the folder where they are downloaded and they 
work fine.  ?????? what could be the problem??

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Index page links not working???

08/05/2004 00:52
Re: Index page links not working???

08/05/2004 13:39


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