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Subject: Mirroring ASP sites
Author: helmut_s
Date: 08/09/2004 01:33
I am trying to mirror a small portion of a website, which
uses Active Server Pages to resolve external links.
In detail:
The root page is <>
WinHTTrack correctly mirrors this page, resolving the HTML
links. The page contains however in the main a list of  30
websites, indirectly addressed through ASP. 
A typical one of those would be:
(The other 29 differ only in their sid-number). 
None of them appears to be mirrored locally. I have played
with various levels of ‘Maximum external depth’, up to 6,
and disabled the robots.txt rules, but WinHTTrack never
receives/creates the pages requested through ASP. The
generated Addresses contained in the mirrored pages end
likewise with a parameter and cannot be resolved locally.
A typical one: 
Given the abundance of ASP, should there be a problem it
probably would by now be known, but I could find nothing on
it in the FAQ pages. Am I making a mistake or are my
expectations unreasonable?Other than that, the program seems a very fine and
piece of software! 

thanx helmut

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08/09/2004 01:33
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