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Subject: HTTrack restarting entire download. Help!
Author: Alexei
Date: 08/10/2004 17:36
I have a problem with downloading big site (500 MB). My 
network connection is occasionally going down during the 
download. When I restart HTTrack, it gives me option 
to 'update existing download'. After that entire download 
process restarts itself (even if I downloaded 100 MB prior 
to that). When I stop it, and try to 'continue interrupted 
download', HTTrack start after the last interruption - 
e.g. after first 10 KB instead of after 100 MB, which I 
already downloaded. Because of this problem I can't 
complete my download at all.

How do I start HTTrack download without attempt to 
download already downloaded files?Thanks,

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HTTrack restarting entire download. Help!

08/10/2004 17:36
Re: HTTrack restarting entire download. Help!

08/14/2004 10:41


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