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Subject: question with url-list mirroring
Author: ernst wichert
Date: 08/11/2004 14:05
For a special project I'm downloading files by url-list.

Learning step-by-step how to configure,
(internal/external Levels=0, no cache, Expert mode: leave
URL's int/ext unchanged)

I can't supress the creation of the unwanted 
filename.filetype.readme files with the contence of

"Info-file generated by HTTrack Website Copier 3.32-2+swf"
"The file ....html has not been scanned by HTS"
"Some links contained in it may be unreachable locally."
"If you want to get these files, you have to set an upper 
recurse level, and to rescan the URL."     

Any suggestion how to supress this?(It would be recommended to put this tip
inside those readme
files "If you dont need this information file, switch ..."


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question with url-list mirroring

08/11/2004 14:05
Re: question with url-list mirroring

08/11/2004 14:38
earlyer issued circumvention doesn't fit

08/12/2004 12:20


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