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Subject: Problem with local file
Author: Eleder
Date: 03/07/2001 15:48

First at all, I want to thank Xavier for that fine 
program. I'm envolved in a rather complex work of 
mirroring sites, and after I tested many web-rippers 
(+15), I had realized Httrack was the only one that 
was able to do anything I asked to it. 
Congratulations! :)

But I have trouble now. I want to download a list of 
directories that are into a file, named EGUN.HTM. I 
get, in command-line, httrack %L c:\docu\egun.htm and 
so on... and, after a few seconds, the answer is:

Error:  "Unable to get server's address" (-5) after 2 
retries at link c:/robots.txt (from primary/primary)", 
and program ends.

Do you know which can be the problem? 


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